Mick Schumacher, 21, will be able to drive the first free practice at the Nürburgring on Friday at the wheel of an Alfa Romeo F1 car. He takes the place of Antonio Giovinazzi.

The moment can become emotional, for the father Michael Schumacherin the legacy in the F1 series is still visible.

– I can’t wait to get in the car in Germany. It’s great to drive for the first time in rehearsals in front of my home audience, Schumacher commented to Reuters.

– There are some mechanics in the stable who have worked with my father. It makes the day even more special.

Schumacher tuned in to the F1 mood as early as Wednesday, as he made it to the other Ferrari Juniors. Callum Ilottin and Robert Shwarzmanin to drive a Ferrari 2018 car.

The junior trio cruised Ferrari on its own test track in Fiorano, Italy.

– It was really useful to get used to practices that are quite complex. I saw how the stable works at such a high level, Schumacher praises.

“Very promising”

Rumor has it that Schumacher’s ability to run rehearsals with Alfa Romeo means there would be a vacancy in the stable for the young promise next season.

Michael Schumacher’s brother, Mick’s uncle Ralf Schumacher, doesn’t believe for a moment that the young promise won’t make it to the F1 series next year.

– His development curve has been very promising over the years. I can’t imagine Mick not driving in F1 next year. He has shown for many years and in many different classes that he is one of the best. Clearly, he has F1 potential, Uncle commented to Sky Deutschland.

Sky Deutschland expert Sascha Roos agrees.

– Mick wins the Formula 2 series this year if he doesn’t mess. It would be very unusual to keep a driver in the series for another year. The probability that he will drive an Alfa Romeo is more than high.

Screen locations

Ilott will be able to drive a similar training session at Haas next week. He takes the place of Romain Grosjean.

Shwartzman will be able to drive in Abu Dhabi in late December.

Schumacher has tested both Alfa Romeo and Ferrari modern F1 cars last year. He has also taken a feel for his father’s old F1 cars. Mick has driven spectacularly on both the 1994 Benetton and the 2004 Ferrari.