Michigan deals another setback to Trump by certifying Biden’s victory in the State

Former senior national security officials ask the outgoing president to facilitate the transition to avoid risks to the country

One after another, the doors are closing around Donald Trump and his attempt to demonstrate, in his opinion, the fraudulent victory of Joe Biden in the elections on November 3. The electoral board of the State of Michigan has certified this Monday the victory of the Democratic candidate and has granted him the 16 electoral votes that correspond to him, with an advantage of just over 155,000 votes over the Republican. One of the four members of the commission, a Republican, abstained, accepting allegations of irregularities made without evidence for three weeks by Trump, who in 2016 seized this traditionally Democratic state from his then rival Hillary Clinton.

The official certification of the result of the vote, which is generally nothing more than an administrative process that goes unnoticed, was relayed this time online and it was followed by tens of thousands of people. Another key state, Pennsylvania, where Biden is about 80,000 votes ahead of his rival, also planned to communicate the final results this Monday.

The official notification from the State of Michigan is the auction to a weekend in which the outgoing president, who refuses to acknowledge his defeat and facilitate the transfer of power, has received several setbacks even on the part of coreligionists, such as the governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, who has described Trump’s resistance as something typical of a “banana republic”, or the former governor of New Jersey and traditional ally of tycoon Chris Christie, who considers that the legal battle raised by him is classified as “shame national ”, and that it is time to move forward with the transition process. This weekend, Trump himself invited two elected legislators from Michigan to the White House with the aim of supporting his attempt to remain in the White House. The attempt was in vain, as the elected officials stated at the end of their meeting with the outgoing president that they will follow the law and will not oppose any resistance to the process.

Specifically, the Republican’s legal advisers had called for an audit of the election results in Wayne County, which is home to the industrious city of Detroit, traditionally Democratic and with a large African-American population.

This Monday also a hundred Republican experts on national security have asked the leaders and legislators of their party in Congress to demand that the outgoing president admit his defeat in the elections due to the risks involved in his refusal to allow a smooth transition. “We believe that President Trump’s refusal to admit defeat and allow an orderly transition constitutes a serious threat to the democratic process in the United States and to our national security,” the former officials say in their statement.

The document is signed by 106 former senior national security officials who worked in Congress or in the Republican administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan (1981-1989), George HW Bush (1989-1993), George W. Bush (2001-2009) and in Trump’s own. They include former Secretary of National Security Tom Ridge, former National Intelligence Director John Negroponte, or former CIA Director Michael Hayden.

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