“What the president is doing is clearly false, morally wrong, and yes, he is racist,” she accused, referring to the wave of protests against police brutality, assimilated by Donald Trump to “internal terrorism.” .

Demonstrations against racism triggered by the death of George Floyd sometimes degenerated into riots, and some turned into dramas after the intervention of far-right militias.

But “only a small part of the protesters have faced violence,” Michelle Obama said in a video, urging a mobilization in favor of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, a leader with the “heart, experience and temperament to leads to better days ”.

In the face of Trump’s “lies” and “repeated crazy conspiracies,” “even rational people can be scared,” insists Michelle Obama.

“And the only thing this president is really good at is using fear and confusion and spreading lies to win,” she said.

“If the left gains power, they will demolish the residential peripheries,” Donald Trump said in late August at the Republican Convention.

Democrats defend “anarchists, agitators, rebels, robbers and those who burn the flag,” he added.

“Imagine the suspicions you are subjected to from the day you were born just because of the color of your skin,” said the wife of the first president of color in the history of the United States, addressing undecided voters.

“Racism, fear, dissension. These are powerful weapons and they can destroy a nation if we do not attack them head-on, ”she said.

In August, during the Democratic Convention, the former First Lady had already attacked the former New York real estate mogul, whom she described as a “dissenting factor” who completely lacked “empathy.”