Michelle Obama calls Trump a “racist” and asks voters to vote for Biden to end “four years of chaos”

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The former first lady of the United States (USA), Michelle Obama, shared her “closing argument” on Tuesday, in which unconditionally supports presidential candidate Joe Biden, to end “four years of chaos” caused by current President Donald Trump.

In the video, which has been shared through Biden’s account just one month before the presidential elections, Obama has launched a 24-minute message, with a serious tone and a steady gaze at the camera. “Believe it or not, the elections are just around the corner and, if you are still deciding who to vote for, or if you are going to vote, I want you to take a moment,” says the former first lady at the beginning of the recording.

“Let’s be honest. Now our country is in chaos,” he affirms, blaming Donald Trump for not having “been up to par” for the position of president, and calling on voters to inform themselves in favor of the restoration of stability. “The US is divided right now,” he lamented, asserting that “A lot of people are being sold lies by those who want to get rich and stay in power.”

He claims that “the president and his allies” try to distract the population from their own failures by blaming others and stoking hatred of black and mulatto Americans, “by lying about how minorities will destroy suburbs, lashing out with violence and the intimidation”. “So what the president is doing is, once again, patently false. It is morally wrong. And yes, it is racist.”, has added.

“As a black woman, the knowledge that any of my fellow Americans he fears me more than the chaos we are living in right now, well that hurts “, he acknowledges, appealing to empathy and calling on the undecided to “think about all those compatriots, like me and my ancestors (…) and put themselves in their place” so that they understand how it feels that, despite the efforts, have to face contempt, “not only from his fellow citizens, but also from the president”

“We cannot trust this president to tell us the truth”

Likewise, he has charged against the current president of the United States for not taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously by denying the usefulness of masks or social distance, and pressuring schools to reopen, despite the health emergency.

The'Marine One' helicopter arrives at the White House transporting US President Donald Trump back after his hospitalization for COVID-19.

“We cannot trust this president to tell us the truth about anything,” he lamented, adding that, even with the necessary resources, Trump has not done enough to try to contain the pandemic in the country, and that “He continues to hold massive events, without asking for masks or social distancing, knowingly exposing his own followers to a dangerous virus.”

The mismanagement of the virus, as stated in the recording, “it is just one example of their negligence”, because when the fires broke out in the west of the country, “he said nothing for weeks. “When Americans protested peacefully against racism and police violence, he despised them.”

Support Biden to “end his chaos”

“Fortunately, we have the opportunity to choose a leader who has the character and experience to end their chaos, start solving these problems, and help lighten the burden on families, “Obama says, referring to Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

“Trump has dedicated his life to enriching himself and his family”

Thus, he charges again against Trump, ensuring that all he has done is “dedicate his life to enrich himself, his family and other rich people”, compared to Biden, a “good man,” who says “he has lived his life guided by values ​​and principles that many Americans can recognize.” This is what he believes makes Biden “the kind of president we need right now.”



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