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A 13-year-old girl makes the list. Bachelet expressed concern about the high number of deaths as a result of security operations.

Melany Cabezas, a 13-year-old girl, and Wilder Gabriel Mujica, 18, both students murdered in Petare, the most populous neighborhood in Caracas and Latin America, this week, are part of the 2,000 extrajudicial executions so far this year in Venezuela, Michelle Bachelet denounces the High Commissioner for Human Rights. from the ONU.

The girl Cabezas was hit with A lost bullet on his face while he played with his doll on the stairs of his house and the young Mujica was shot for resisting the theft of his shoes, wallet and cell phone. Both young people lived in José Félix Rivas, the central area of ​​Petare.

The former president of Chile presented her update report this Friday, where “she is concerned about the high death numbers of young people in marginalized neighborhoods as a result of security operations. Based on an open source analysis, my Office recorded 711 deaths from June to August, reaching more than 2,000 deaths since January 2020. “

He described as positive the arrest of five members of the FAES, allegedly responsible for the death of two people in Zulia on August 21.

“The public statements of the Attorney General on this case show a pattern similar to that documented by my Office, in which, after executing the victims already neutralized, the security forces they steal them Y manipulate the evidence to present the facts as a confrontation, “he quoted in his report.

Bachelet highlighted that the Venezuelan Public Ministry reported that it had recently charged 70 FAES officials in different states of the country.

His concern coincides with the report presented by the International Independent Mission of the UN, chaired by Marta Valiñas, who in a telematic conference with the members of the Caracas Press Club, including Clarion, said that “FAES officials confirmed codes and take orders from superiors to kill instead of stop and judge ”.

The updated Bachelet report was presented at the 45th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva where the serious human rights violations that have been carried out in Venezuela during the coronavirus pandemic are denounced.

His office in Caracas continued to document cases of repression of peaceful protests in the context of the State of Alarm in force since March, including arrests of protesters, who are protesting the low wages and pensions, public service deficiencies and gasoline shortages.

He stressed that there are still restrictions on freedom of expression. “This includes the application of anti-hate legislation, attacks against human rights defenders and attacks and arrests of journalists,” he said.

On the return of the Venezuelan migrants to the country, recognized the efforts of the authorities, however, expressed concern about the stigmatizing discourse of some authorities that blame them for introducing COVID-19 in Venezuela.

Referring to the crisis generated by COVID-19, he asserted that the pandemic has joined other pre-existing emergencies, like food.

“Caritas reported that the infant acute malnutrition rate reached 15 percent in July 2020. It also reported that a greater number of families resort to survival strategies, including stop eating so that another family member can do it, “he said.

The minimum wage fell this Friday to less than $ 1 (0.90) that is only enough to buy a dozen eggs, the parallel dollar is priced at 430,000 bolivars, and inflation at more than 3,000%. He 96% of Venezuelans they survive on the poverty line.

The High Commissioner indicated that despite the existence of the implementation of biosafety protocols related to COVID-19 in detention centers, health conditions, access to water, food and medicines must be substantially improved, and regular contacts with the family members and lawyers, either physically or by telephone, as well as exploring alternative measures to deprivation of liberty.

Likewise, Bachelet reported that 33% of deaths from COVID-19 have been of health personnel due to lack of equipment of biosecurity and water in hospitals.


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