Miss Finland of 2017 Michaela Söderholm visited Dancing with the Stars for the first time on Sunday. In an interview with Iltalehti, Söderholm, who admits to being a dance fan, told of his stories.

– I’ve always viewed on TV and idealise the program and wondered that may some day when there PREVENT, he says.

Although the past year has been very exceptional for everyone and in some respects also heavy, Söderholm has also had joys in recent months. Early in the year, he met a man with whom the relationship was booming. In the summer, Söderholm revealed that he was dating Finnish Championship-level hockey player Michael Keränen.

– There is a lot of good this year: a new love and also my godson was born at the beginning of the year. Such small, wonderful everyday joys.

– It’s a bit sad when he lives in a different place, so we don’t always see him every weekend.

The man lives in Tampere, so the couple is at a distance for the time being.

– Even though it is close, it is still so far away.

On the other hand, he also sees good sides in a distance relationship.

– Then it’s always more wonderful when you see another. However, I would like to see a little more often, Söderholm admits.

Söderholm says that confrontation is by no means ruled out, but so far the relationship is allowed to move forward peacefully.

– All with their own weight, Söderholm says.

Dances with the stars on MTV3 on Sundays at 7.30pm.