Michael Schumacher’s health: neurologist thinks he’s in a vegetative state

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This was assured by Dr. Erich Riederer, owner of a neurological center in Zurich. The German crashed almost seven years ago.

Michael Schumacher is the winningest driver in Formula 1. He still holds the seven titles he won in the category at the top, something that seemed impossible to repeat until Mercedes created the best car on the grid for Lewis Hamilton, who this season I could match it. However, the German will not be there to see him because his life was put on hiatus on December 29, 2013, when he crashed while skiing in the French Alps.

The secrecy that his family created causes some data to escape through the testimonies of Schumi’s friends, such as Jean Todt, or generates speculation that seems impossible to avoid. In that sense, in the last hours a Swiss neurosurgeon questioned his possible recovery and speculated that the former pilot will remain in a vegetative state.

“I think he’s in a vegetative state, which means he’s awake but not responding,” ventured Dr. Erich Riederer, owner of a neurological center in Zurich, on the Monegasque TMC signal.

Based on his experience in these types of cases, Riederer considers that Schumacher “is breathing, his heart is beating, he can probably sit up and take small steps with help, but no more.”

“I think that’s the best for him. Is there any chance of seeing him as he was before his accident? I really don’t think so,” he said.

This interview came just days after Todt reported that Schumacher “is struggling.” “I saw Michael last week. I hope the world can see him again soon. For this, he and his family are working,” said who, in addition to his friend, was his team leader at Ferrari.

On the other hand, the one who did not comment on his father’s health was Mick Schumacher, a driver who competes in Formula 2, the opening act for F1. Just last Sunday, before the Grand Prix of Tuscany, the German took a lap in the Ferrari with which Michael won the last of his seven world titles in 2004.

In F2, the Kaiser’s son and Ferrari academy driver leads the championship after finishing fifth in the test held on Saturday and fourth in Sunday, both at Mugello. A week earlier he won the race at Monza.

However, in his statements to the press, he never referred to the status of Michael Schumacher, thus maintaining the will of his mother, Corinna Betsch, who is in charge of taking care of Schumi and avoiding leaks in the press.



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