After its unquestionable success at its premiere last April, ‘The Last Dance‘still giving something to talk about with some unpublished fragments that have come to light in recent days. If Michael Jordan He had not left enough surprises and ‘bomb’ statements in the documentary, the latest images reveal the best player of all time talking about a debate that to this day has a tail: his heir.

In this piece, which seems to be part of an interview during his last years of career, Jordan refers to the talent layer that emerged in the late 1990s and the pressure that fell on them to be “the new Michael Jordan”, something that Air itself, classified as “unfair“.

“It’s a means of comparison for people. I came after Julius Erving or Elgin Baylor and it worked like that so that people could compare. There will never be another Michael Jordan as there will never be another Dr. J, Magic Johnson or Larry Bird“, he acknowledged.

“There will never be another Michael Jordan, as there will never be another Dr. J, Magic Johnson or Larry Bird”

Anyway, he did point out who, at that time, he saw as his possible heirs, with one of them clearly taking the cake. “There will be Kobe Bryant, Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway … These guys will have similar characteristics to mine, but it will all depend on how they express them to be the best basketball player and the best role model there is“said Jordan.

However, the legendary ’23’ warned about the dangers that the NBA and the players try to raise an heir to the Bulls, and not try to improve basketball by themselves by creating their own identities. “The credibility of the NBA could suffer. If you start wanting to focus only on dunks and exciting actions, you quickly forget the basics: how to make the ball move, how to involve everyone in a work environment, whether in attack or defense, “he explained.

¿Kobe Bryant o LeBron James?

Almost 30 years after those statements, a lot of basketball has emerged and the debate about the best player in history is on everyone’s lips again. If it were already the late Kobe Bryant who, in addition to taking the stripes of being his heir and creating his own ‘Mamba Mentality‘, got five rings with the Lakers, calling into question Jordan’s reign, another contender has revived the debate.

LeBron James has returned to take all the headlines with the title achieved in Los Angeles and pounding the door of basketball Olympus. With four titles and four MVPs with three different teams, it shows a stratospheric level to be almost 36 years old and 17 in the elite of the sport. It will have to be seen with how many rings LeBron ends his career and if, perhaps, he is the true heir to Jordan’s throne.