Michael J. Fox is Marty McFly again in Lil Nas X’s video: “Don’t go in 2020!”

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The teaser of the new video clip of rapper Lil Nas X has been released, that of Old Town Road, in which Michael J. Fox incredibly appears as we remember him in Back to the Future III.

For a moment the heart stopped … review Michael J. Fox in the old west with the same clothes he had in Back to the future part III it is a joy without equal. In fact, the actor takes over the role of for a moment Marty McFly in the teaser trailer of the new song by rapper Lil Nas X. Michael J. Fox he hadn’t played the character that made him a world-class celebrity anymore, except two a couple of circumstances where he voiced Marty or his ancestors in video games Lego Dimensions e Back to the Future: The Game. We don’t count the TV sketch on the show Jimmy Kimmel, for the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future, in which he got off one Delorean with dressed like the classic 1985 Marty along with Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown.

Lil Nas X is the rapper who in 2018 debuted with the very catchy Old Town Road, featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. The artist’s new piece is titled Holiday whose video will be released on Friday. In the teaser trailer released a few hours ago, the singer arrives in a small town in the old west from a sort of dimensional or temporal portal, takes the place of a Santa Claus who has drunk too much and starts rocketing with a flying sleigh while the scenario suddenly becomes snowy. Just like the Delorean, the sled gives the idea of ​​traveling through time. At that point it appears Michael J. Fox/Marty McFly that says “Whatever you do Lil Nas, don’t go in 2020”. If Michael will also be present in the video, we’ll know on Friday. Below the teaser trailer del brano Holiday.

Video Source: Official Youtube channel of Lil Nas X


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