Former mayor of New York, businessman Michael Bloomberg plans to invest at least 100 million to help Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden win the Libyan-speaking state in the November election.

Florida is one of the most crucial states, with several analyzes showing that Donald Trump cannot win an overtime without Florida’s 29 constituents.

Billionaire Bloomberg announced his financial support for Biden on Sunday.

Bloomberg advisers tell the Washington Post that Bloomberg made the decision after Trump announced his willingness to fund his own campaign.

– Voting begins in Florida on September 24, so the need to quickly invest real capital there is urgent, Bloomberg Adviser Kevin Sheekey notes to the Washington Post.

– Mike believes that investing in Florida will free up (Biden’s) campaign funds and other Democrat resources for other states, especially the state of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania, like Florida, is one of the language states deciding the presidential election, as are Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Arizona. Trump defeated all of these states four years ago, but four of them voted for Democratic President Barack Obama in 2012.

In support measures, Biden leads Trump finely in Florida. Biden’s support there averages 48.2 percent, Trump’s 47 percent.

Trump reacted quickly to the news that Blomberg’s money taps would open up for Democrats.

– I thought Mini-Mike had had enough of Democrat politics, Trump acknowledged and also mocked Bloomberg’s performance in the Democratic presidential race debate.

Bloomberg sought the Democratic presidential candidacy and spent a lot of his own money on his campaign. According to news agency AFP, this is one of the most expensive campaigns ever in U.S. history.

Bloomberg, who entered the race late, did not win any state, only the territory of American Samoa. He got behind only 61 voters before giving up the game.

The U.S. presidential election will be held on November 3rd.