Michael Bloomberg donates $ 100 million to defeat Donald Trump in Florida

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There are less than two months until the United States elections, which face Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The polls are tight, in a highly changing scenario due to the coronavirus pandemic and racial tensions. Therefore, any detail in any state it can be key.

The billionaire Michael Bloomberg, a former mayor of New York who chose to be the Democratic candidate to face Trump in November, will donate 100 million dollars to the Biden campaign in Florida with a single goal: derrotar a Trump, informs TMZ.

In this state, the polls are very tight. With your donation, Bloomberg wants targeting Latino voter, who tend to vote Democrat. What happens in this case is that Biden does not have the support among this group that other Democratic candidates have had before.

In addition, Bloomberg’s intention is that Biden’s team can dedicate its economic efforts to other key states, such as Pennsylvania.

Trump has already responded to this news: “I thought that Mini Mike had left with the Democrats after spending almost 200,000 million dollars, and after starring the worst and most inept debate in the history of presidential politics. Pocahontas ended his political career on the first question, it’s over! Save New York better. “



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