Micha Kat, a conspiracy theorist, was arrested in Northern Ireland

On Wednesday, Micha Katz, a wanted conspiracy torist who made incendiary videos and threatened videos targeting the municipality of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk was taken into custody in Northern Ireland. The arrest was made on the basis of an EU arrest warrant by the Public Prosecution Service (The Hague).

Kat must appear at a Northern Ireland court to determine whether he is being handed over to the Netherlands on Saturday, July 7. Kat is required to serve a six month sentence in Holland for a previous defamation conviction.

Conspiracy theorist Jaap Van Dissel is being investigated in the Netherlands. He allegedly insulted and threatened several people including Jaap van Dssel, the director of RIVM. These videos were posted on Red Pill Journal by Wouter Raatgever, Joost Knevel and others. The conspiracy theories that the RIVM administrator as well as the Bodegraven mayor are being held responsible for satanic pedoterrorism are not supported.

The court ordered the three conspirators to stop fabricating false accusations at the beginning July. Wouter Raatgever, co-maker, was sentenced to nine month imprisonment at the end June. Three of these were conditional for distribution of incendiary or threatening videos. Joost Knevel, a former Bodegraver, is the third suspect that Bodegraven-Reeuwijk wants to arrest. He is believed to be in Europe, as Kat is.

GGD GHOR Nederland, an umbrella organization, recently reported to the police that employees are being threatened by conspiracy theorists from the Telegram group De Batavian Republic. This Telegram group was created by Red Pill Journal. This group includes the names of vaccines and the request to hunt them.

On Thursday afternoon, no one was able respond to Bodegraven-Reeuwijk.



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