Miami Race Project haunts local activists

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The American corporation Liberty Media, which took control of Formula 1 in early 2017, has been trying to organize another race in the United States in addition to the Austin stage throughout this time.

Most of the talk was about the Miami Grand Prix, in particular, back in the spring, Chase Carey, the executive director of Formula 1, was optimistic that this project could be implemented in 2021, but there is no race in Florida in the preliminary version of the calendar for the next season.

We’ve talked about public opposition to Liberty Media’s plans on several occasions, and these protests are continuing. According to the Miami Herald, in late October, Florida began considering a complaint from local activists who believe that holding a Formula 1 race violates their civil rights, and they are demanding a “permanent decision that will ban the race” through the courts.

The plaintiffs’ argument is that it violates constitutionally guaranteed civil rights, as well as Florida and Miami noise standards. Oddly enough, but even manifestations of racial discrimination are seen in Liberty Media’s plans.

At the same time, Chase Carey, speaking on Thursday in front of investors, assured that the Miami Grand Prix is ​​still considered one of the priority projects, which he is actively implementing, and only the pandemic was the factor that prevented this race from being included in the calendar of the next season.

“Due to the uncertainty associated with this, we decided to slow down a little and try to go where the prospects are seen better,” said Carey. “Perhaps the opportunities that exist in Miami continue to inspire us, but it would be more prudent to pursue projects in which we are confident.”



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