A year ago AT&T and Movistar had officially announced that they planned to shut down their 2G network in Mexico in the near future, well, that near future already has a date for Movistar, as the third largest operator in Mexico has published on its website that In January 2021 it will completely shut down its 2G network, so it will only offer service on 3G and 3G networks.

Movistar had already begun to notify users that this would happen sometime this or next year, so all those affected who have a 2G device must buy a new smartphone to continue enjoying cell phone service.

According to the latest IFT figures, in Mexico AT&T and Movistar still offered 2G service to 27 million Mexicans, however, users will have the ease of migrating to an affordable 4G device thanks to the huge variety of equipment sold in Mexico.

Credit: Eirik Solheim/Unsplash

Movistar has not shared data on how many users use its 2G network daily, but it is necessary to take this step if in Mexico we want to enjoy new technologies for 5G networks, as one of the objectives of this decision comes from the need to free spectrum to increase the capacity of the 4G network.

In the case of AT&T, the company has an agreement with Movistar that allows both companies to use the networks of either of the two companies to improve the coverage of users in Mexico, however, AT&T has not mentioned whether its 2G network It will also cease to function on January 1, 2021, but the company’s customers that today connect via 2G to the Movistar network will no longer be able to do so.

Of the 3 large operators in the country, Telcel is the only one that no longer offers 2G coverage, and Altán Redes is the only one whose entire infrastructure is only fourth generation, that is, 4G.