Mexico prepares for the arrival of Hurricane Delta

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The southeastern Mexican state of Quintana Roo, in the Mexican Caribbean, declared the red alert on Tuesday and carried out evacuations of citizens and tourists before the imminent impact of ‘Delta’, a dangerous hurricane that will reach land during the next midnight and that will also affect the neighboring state of Yucatan. In the last few hours, however, ‘Delta’ has weakened and has gone from category 4 to category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, although it is still considered “dangerous”.

According to the National Hurricane Center of the United States, based in Miami, at 06.00 GMT, ‘Delta’ registered winds of 195 km / h and was 120 kilometers southeast of the Mexican island of Cozumel.

The hurricane, which is moving at 26 km / h, is expected to make landfall early this Wednesday, reaching a portion of Cozumel in its wake before entering the coast at a point between the resorts of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, the largest recipients of international tourists in Mexico.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced on Tuesday the activation of the DN-III emergency plan and the mobilization of 5,000 elements of the Armed Forces in the southeast of the country, which is still recovering from the damage caused by the Gamma storm, whose rains in recent days left at least six deaths and thousands of victims.

Red alert

As a result of this phenomenon, the Red alert (maximum danger) in the center and north of Quintana Roo, and in the east and northeast of Yucatán, as well as the orange alert (high danger) in the south, center and north of Yucatán and in the south and west of Quintana Roo.

The hurricane is the most dangerous Quintana Roo it has received in 15 years, warned the state governor, Carlos Joaquín, in an appearance together with the secretary of the Navy, José Rafael Ojeda, and the national coordinator of Civil Protection, Laura Velázquez.

“You have to supervise, verify that people move to the sheltersThose who do not have solid houses to receive the impact of a hurricane of this size have absolutely nothing to do with the tropical storms that we have received this year last year, it is of great strength, “said the state president.

The governor explained that Delta has more than 1,000 meters in diameter so “practically the entire state is going to have a storm impact” until noon on Wednesday, and predicted cuts in the region’s electricity supply.

Security measures

In the northern area of ​​Quintana Roo, where the tourist city of Cancun is located, the cancellation of non-essential activities, a dry law was decreed and an operation was launched to remove garbage from the streets, prune trees and remove objects that could become projectiles by the wind.

State Civil Protection asked the population to stay at home and not go out after 5:00 p.m. (22:00 GMT) because the arrival of the first is expected in the afternoon gusts of wind.

So far they have been enabled 81 temporary shelters for tourists and people who live in vulnerable areas, which aim to provide security to the population during the onslaught of the hurricane.

Panic among society

He panic it generated lines of buyers in supermarkets, gas stations, food stores, hardware stores and logging companies, as well as traffic jams. In Puerto Juárez, a town near Cancun, the fishermen withdrew their boats before the arrival of the hurricane.

“We are in phase 4, it is a bit dangerous. Years ago the Hurricane Wilma (2005) but this one is going to be more dangerous. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen, “fisherman Felipe Vera told Efe in front of his boat.

In the Military City located in Isla Mujeres, the Army prepared the dining rooms to attend to those affected, while in the general hospital of Cancun the external tents where the pcoronavirus patients.

They evict tourists

According to the state Secretary of Tourism, there are 40,935 tourists in the area north of the state, where the hurricane is expected to impact.

People who are in the hotel areas of Puerto Morelos and Cancun, as well as those who are on the island of Holbox, are being evacuated to shelters already installed in the state. In the Cancun hotel zone, the convention center was set up as a temporary refuge for tourists and residents of the area.

Karina Gómez, a tourist from the central state of Guanajuato who traveled to Quintana Roo with six other adults and two children, explained to Efe that the owner of the hotel where they were staying told them to look for a hostel.

“We try to be calm, but some colleagues are a bit nervous,” explained Gómez, who on another vacation also experienced a hurricane and was locked up for 10 days. Delta is the 25th named storm of the season Atlantic hurricanes, which includes 21 with standard names and four with the letters of the Greek alphabet.

In Mexico, Meteorological system had warned of an “extremely active” hurricane season with a forecast of up to 18 cyclones for the Pacific and up to 19 in the Atlantic.



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