Mexico participates in the global plan for access to the covid-19 vaccine

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The Mexican Government confirmed to the Covax Office, the coalition of 172 countries that seeks to guarantee the vaccinate the poorest countries, their intention to participate in the global plan for the equitable distribution of biologicals, in order to have timely access to immunization.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) stated that on August 31, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, it sent a letter to Covax to confirm its intention to participate in the mechanism. Covax Facility.

Mechanisms available

The Covax mechanism is an instrument hosted under the Accelerator for Access to Tools against COVID-19 (ACTA), promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO), to guarantee access to vaccines against COVID-19.

In turn, the Covax Facility is the self-financing modality that allows Covax to negotiate with vaccine manufacturers, on behalf of participating economies, to guarantee the equitable access and share investment risks.

Access to vaccines

This participation will be done through the modality of “optional purchase” of the doses necessary to vaccinate 20% of the population, when antidotes are available and demonstrate safety and efficacy. He explained that this method of purchase allows countries to choose, from the available portfolio, the vaccine that best suits their needs when it shows the two criteria mentioned.

It was stated that Mexico It chose this option because “it offers greater flexibility to select between the different biologics”, in addition to being a complementary instrument to the bilateral agreements that the country may have with laboratories and pharmaceutical companies from different countries.

The global plan for the equitable distribution of biologicals is led by the WHO and the Alliance for Vaccination (GAVI).

Diplomatic work

Mexico has shown broad interest in having access to a possible vaccine, which led last April to promote the Organization of the United Nations (UN), a proposal to guarantee access to medicines, vaccines and medical equipment to deal with COVID-19.

This proposal was co-sponsored by more than 160 countries and started from the premise that the poorest countries are the most affected, in addition to underlining that equitable access to sanitary productss is a global priority.

The country even contributed 1.18 million dollars to contribute to research of this vaccine. In May, the Government of Mexico announced its participation in a block to promote the creation of a vaccine against COVID-19.

In July, the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard reported that Mexico would participate in the Coalition for Innovations in Preparedness for Epidemics (CEPI), GAVI and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Oxford vaccine

While, as part of the strategy to have this vaccine, the Mexican Government reached an agreement with AstraZeneca, the Oxford University and the Slim Foundation for the production of its vaccine in our country and Argentina.

It has also held talks with laboratories in China, France, the United States, Germany, Russia and Italy so that the country participates in some of the Clinical studies of their respective vaccine projects.




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