This has been a great week for Mexicans in regards to esports, as the representative team of the country known as Estral Esports and three-time Mexican champion of the Division of Honor Telcel has been proclaimed champion of the League of Legends «Regional North» tournament. where in the final they faced the four-time champion in Colombia, Zeu5 Bogotá.

The Mexican team managed to beat its peer 3-0, so now it is only one step away from being able to enter the LLA (League of Legends Latin American League) for 2021 although first it will have to beat the seventh place of the 2020 LLA.

Credit: Mediotiempo.

Razer launches chewing gum for gamers

Razer is one of the most recognized firms in the video game industry, especially for the accessories that the firm creates for casual and professional gamers, and which is also a sponsor of several esports leagues.

However, this week the firm announced a new and interesting product, as it is chewing gum or gum for gamers that improve concentration, which in theory can be of great help for esports players.

The chewing gums are called “Respawn”, and due to its high concentration of caffeine, it is how concentration and reaction time in players can be improved. Also, Razer mentions that chewing gums do not contain sugar, and are composed of vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12.

PUBG separates from Tencent

After India blocked the one according to Sensor Tower is the most lucrative mobile game today, PUBG, the company behind the game’s IP has broken relations with Tencent Games in India, so the company will now take full control and responsibility for the game in India.

This movement seeks to get the Indian government to remove the ban on gambling in this country, which was run entirely by the Chinese company, Tencent.

The folks at PUBG Corporation say they are working closely with the Indian government to make the game available again for esports users and players in India.