He FC Barcelona face the lawyer again Jorge Pecourt, after a hectic summer where the former partner of the Cuatrecasas law firm drew up the strategy to try to get Messi out of the club with the famous burofax. This time, for a different reason but that could also have serious consequences and put the squad more against, if possible, the Bartomeu directive.

Pecourt, through the agency Tactic Group, is ensuring the interests of the players in the face of the salary reduction that the directive wants to carry out to clean up the accounts before a year of crisis. Despite the good will on the part of the staff, “do not agree with the forms”, As explained from 2Playbook, uncovering the lawyer’s return and citing sources close to the club.

This defense began as Pecourt seems to like, with a burofax, to inform the club that reject the salary cut that the CEO started, Óscar Grau, with the signature of all the players of the first and second team with three exceptions. Ter Stegen and De Jong, who have just renewed their contract, and Sergiño Dest, the last to reach the discipline.

The board’s plan for reduce 165 million euros (before November 5) passes through the deferral of payments of a percentage of salary, rather than a structural reduction, so that, when revenues return to normal, players will recover the pending money.

“The players, despite not reaching even 10% of the total number of employees, account for 70% of the expenses”

The main reason for dispute is the shape in which the club wants to open these negotiations, with a common framework for all club employees, something that “would be valid in any other company, but that does not take into account the special condition of footballers”, say the lawyers.

Both the changing room and the rest of the workers agree that it should be treated on the one hand the case of footballers and on the other the case of the rest of the employees. This negotiating table, convened for this Wednesday, should outline the steps to follow in terms of deadlines and ways to carry out the necessary reduction.

Of course, of the thirteen members present at the meeting, only one would be representing the players, something that they consider inappropriate and unreal, and that they have described as without sense, since, despite not reaching 10% of total employees, yes they represent 70% of the expenses.

As if it were not enough, another problem that worries the staff is the time it takes to adjust wages. There are several players whose contracts end in one or two seasons, “forcing” them to stretch their presence at Barça beyond their contracts. Piqué has been able to get rid of this problem with his recent renewal, since his contract ended in 2022, but Messi, who would leave in 2021, still has to solve this controversy.