Messi, more outside than inside Barcelona

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According to the prestigious Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia, Lionel Messi’s decision to leave Barcelona seems to have been made, and every time he can, he shows his anger and discontent with the situation.

In 41 days Lionel Messi will have a free hand to negotiate his future. There will be no clause in your contract that indicates otherwise, nor will you have to send any burofax to announce your intentions. On January 1, 2021, the Argentine will be able to sit down to solve his future with whoever he wants and, if he does not change his mind, he will begin, this time, his final stretch as a Barcelona footballer. The Rosario wanted to leave the club of his life this past summer and continues to maintain his intentions, with Manchester City on the prowl. He believes that his eternal stage as a Blaugrana is over and every time there is a controversial episode, he does not hide his anger.

Since Messi played for Barça, he has crossed the Atlantic countless times to put on the shirt of his National Team and rarely, if ever, has he said this mouth is mine upon his return to Barcelona. It was more like the Argentine to speak to fly feather When he arrived in his country, amid the usual tumult of cameras, he had to do it in El Prat, where he has almost always declined to send any message. But this Wednesday not only did he complain about receiving an inspection from the Treasury on his plane, but he entered the rag when asked about the criticism against him by people who belonged or belongs to the environment of Antoine Griezmann. “I’m tired of always being the problem of everything at the club”the striker exploded.

Only Koeman and the new president can make the Argentine reverse his decision

That is the key right now. Messi, who this Thursday did recovery work and did not train with the group, as happened with De Jong and Pjanic, he feels tired, he sees himself at the epicenter of all the convulsive sauces that are cooked in Barcelona and sees how for one reason or another he always appears in some controversy. A constant in 2020 for a footballer who for years was almost exclusively linked to praise and not to extra-sporting circumstances.

But 15 years after (they were fulfilled this Thursday) of his first classic, the 0-3 at the Bernabéu marked by the display of Ronaldinho, Messi transmits anger and a point of bitterness. Josep Maria Bartomeu is no longer there, the president who did not let him leave the club and the leader he accused of not keeping his word to allow him to leave the ship if that was his wish. Without the directive that retained him it would be logical to think that Messi lives less tense within the entity, but it is not like that when at the first change he throws a dart through his mouth again.

Font, Laporta and Freixa have already pulled strings to try to convince Messi and his environment

Floating in the atmosphere of recent weeks is the delicate issue of the salary adjustment of the players, with their succulent contract as one of the obstacles for the club to achieve its goal of adapting to a war economy. If he stayed at the Camp Nou, he could gradually collect in the following years what is owed to him while the team still enjoyed his presence. But that scenario is not the most likely today.

Of course, Barça still conserves of the last cards in his deck to try that Messi does not leave the club. The first, Koeman’s. The coach is piloting the Argentine’s management well from the sporting point of view, and the images of the two talking and greeting each other are among the most normal and relaxed that Messi has left in these months. The second, that of the elections. The arrival of a new project to the box, with other ideas, can always change what today seems decided. Up to three applicants have pulled strings in this regard.

If Victor Font were to win, it would mean the return to Barcelona of Xavi Hernández, Messi’s soccer partner in the team’s best years. If Joan Laporta were to win, it should be noted that the former president maintains a good relationship with Messi and his world. And in the case of Toni Freixa, the former director has already contacted the player’s father. They have a titanic task.




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