Leo messi showed its commitment to the most disadvantaged and said Thursday that “inequality is one of the great problems” of society and that it is “essential” that “Those who need it most” have access to water, electricity and food during the pandemic.

Messi said, in dialogue with the magazine La Garganta Poderosa, that he produces “immense pride to see how “the people who collaborate in dining rooms get involved and picnic areas in Argentina “even in times as complicated as the ones we are living through.”

“The glasses that are raised this year should be for all the people who are involved to help in that way,” he said.

Messi considered “inequality” as “one of the great problems of our society” and argued that “You have to fight to correct it as soon as possible.”

During the pandemic, Messi carried out, in a particular way and through his foundation, important donations to hospitals and organizations who fight against covid-19.

“It is essential, for those who need it most, to preserve all essential services in situations like this pandemic: water, electricity and even basic food,” he said.