Messi in the breach for Suárez: ‘you don’t deserve to be thrown out’

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Lionel Messi commented on Friday in a message Instagram said goodbye to his teammate and good friend Luis Suárez. The FC Barcelona star sneaks in his speech to the club management, with whom he has a considerably clouded relationship.

It was recently announced that there is no longer a place for Suárez at Barcelona, ​​which wants to build a new team with trainer Ronald Koeman. The Uruguayan attacker signed with Atlético Madrid on Thursday.

“I had already prepared for your departure, but did not really realize it until today when I entered the dressing room. It will be difficult not to be able to share everything with you anymore. We will miss you enormously,” Messi writes.

“There are so many moments that we will never forget. It gets weird to see you in a different shirt and even stranger to meet you on the field again. As one of the most important players in club history you deserved a big goodbye. . “

He ends with a sneer at the club management. “It is unfair that you are thrown out like this, but the truth is that I am at the point where I am not surprised about anything anymore.”

The 33-year-old Messi has long been dissatisfied with the rule at Barcelona. The five-time Golden Ball winner said he wanted to leave last month, but turned around and remains loyal to the club for which he has played his entire career.



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