Messi he is not usually one of the most booked players at the end of the season. The Argentine usually receives more than to give, but not much less in a saint. Many of your actions go unnoticed or are considered less serious than those of others, and the last test is in the match between Barça and Alavés.

It was the 39th minute. The culé team had been losing 1-0 for 8 minutes, when the game was stopped. Messi, in a good sign of his desperation, kicked the ball, which almost missed Hernandez Hernandez. He did not let it pass, and although he threatened to remove the red one, in the end showed him a yellow card, the second that the Argentine sees so far in the League.

In the minutes of the meeting, the referee picked it up like this: “In the 39th minute the player (10) Messi Cuccittini, Lionel Andres was cautioned for the following reason: Moving the ball to the outside of the pitch as a sign of disagreement with one of my decisions.”

However, many have pointed out that Messi should have been punished more forcefully with a red card. Journalist Isaac Fouto, defender to the extreme of the actions of the referees in Cope, considers “unacceptable, unpresentable and inconceivable” the action of Messi, which should have been “expulsion without discussion.

Two former referees are also in this line. Eduardo Iturralde González, in the SER, indicated that “if he had considered that he threw the ball at him it was red”, something that Juan Andújar Oliver, on Radio Marca: “he should have been sent off even if the ball did not hit Hernández Hernández. With his action he wants to intimidate the referee and that deserves a direct red card.”