Argentina usually has problems when it plays in Bolivia. Either because of the height, because of bad play or because of the permanent schizophrenia in which the albiceleste lives, the truth is that of the last seven games in La Paz they had only won one. Since last night, of the last eight has won two.

To a large extent, the victory of the Lionel Scaloni in qualifying for the Qatar World Cup came about thanks to a Leo messi switched on. Although, for the first time in ten years, Argentina won a World Cup match without a goal from its captain.

Messi did not need to see a goal to contribute in the comeback 1-2 (goals from Martins for Bolivians and Lautaro Martinez and the ‘Tucu’ Correa for Argentines), but had to endure a lot of pressure.

Proof of this is that after finishing the game he lost his nerves with a member of the rival coaching staff. While they were going to changing rooms, Messi faced with Lucas Nava, physical trainer of the national team trained by Cesar Farias and that, in addition, he is Argentine. This said something to the Blaugrana player and the response of the ‘Flea’ denoted his anger. “Your mother’s shell! What’s wrong with you, pelado?”said Messi, alluding to Nava’s baldness.

The tension between the two made them have to be separated before coming to blows. “You were screaming the whole game, asshole. Why are you doing trouble?”, Messi complained.

It happens that Nava, like so many other Argentines, is an unconditional fan of Messi. In the country of both, the media messages stand out on their social networks in which they show their devotion to ’10’.