Messenger users can chat with Instagram users and vice versa

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Users of the chat services Facebook Messenger and Instagram can now send chat messages to each other without the other using the same app. A message sent from Messenger can now also end up in the Instagram app or vice versa, parent company Facebook announced on Wednesday. website.

In the updated apps, Messenger users can now also search for Instagram users and vice versa. They can then send a chat message that will appear with the recipient in the other app.

The update is rolling out for Facebook Messenger users and new Instagram users. People who are already active on Instagram before this time can also delay the update as soon as it is available.

For Instagram chats among themselves, nothing will change in this regard. Messenger users can also indicate whether they want to receive chats from Instagram users and, if so, where: in the active chats tab or the chat requests tab.

Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg announced in January 2019 that he wants to combine the chat services of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The integration of Messenger and Instagram seems to be the first big step that users notice. Ultimately, it should be possible to send messages between all three apps.

Integration with WhatsApp is likely to take longer as the app uses a strong form of encryption not used by default in Messenger and Instagram. The fact that WhatsApp is so well secured that even Facebook itself cannot read messages, means that the integration between the three apps will take years, a Facebook employee said earlier this year.



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