Pascale Ferrier is 53 years old and is from Quebec, Canada. She is accused of sending a poisoned letter to Donald Trump, say journalists from Freedom.

Pascale Ferrier was arrested Sunday by a federal magistrate in Buffalo. The judge noted that he pleads on behalf of the accused as innocent, so the woman will have more rights in the next period.

Prosecutors are convinced Ferrier is the woman who sent a letter to the White House last week containing castor oil, with the intention of killing the US president. The letter was detected before it reached the mail sorting center.

According to the agent who led the investigation, the letter contained the following message addressed to the American president: “I found you a new name: ugly tyrant clown. I hope you like it. You destroy the United States and lead them to disaster. “

“If that doesn’t work, I’ll find a better recipe for another poison or use my weapon the day I can come,” she concluded, signing “Free Rebel Spirit.”

Another six letters with a similar message and a similar signature were sent in September to a detention center in Texas, where in 2019 Ferrier was imprisoned for illegal possession of a weapon.

Pascale Ferrier is currently under arrest, and a special hearing will be held on September 28, during which US prosecutors will have to present proof of the defendant’s identity in order to continue criminal proceedings.

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