Surreal the situation in the Italian league due to the coronavirus. Napoli did not travel to Turin for their match against Juventus for the positive cases in the workforce recently detected. However, Cristiano Ronaldo’s team jumped onto the field despite the absence of the Neapolitans, so Serie A will give Juve all three points and Napoli will lose.

Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus, stressed this Sunday that his club “respected” some “clear rules” and acknowledged that his Naples counterpart, Aurelio De Laurentiis, sent him a message asking him to postpone the match.

“We have exchanged some messages (with De Laurentiis). He wrote to me, I told him that Juventus respects the current rules. He wanted to postpone the match, a request that may be legitimate. But in all industries there are rules and they must be respected, “Agnelli said in statements to” Sky Sport “television.

The Juventus-Naples match this Sunday It was not played because the Neapolitan club received an order from the Local Health Agency (ASL) not to travel Given the recent cases of coronavirus registered in his group, the players Piotr Zielinski and the Macedonian Elijf Elmas, as well as a member of the staff.

Naples advocates postponement

Naples considers that this match should be postponed because it was prevented from traveling due to “force majeure”, but the Serie A League said in a statement that “The conditions are not met” to justify this request.

“The protocols are very clear in the situations we are experiencing and it was foreseeable that this would happen, that there would be a positive case in the staff. In this case, the FIGC protocol is applied, which refers to measures of the Scientific Technical Committee “Agnelli said.

In our case, an isolation is established that is agreed with the ASL, you are told where the elements are isolated and this allows you to continue playing, “he added.

“It is very clear, it was a very clear job carried out by the FIGC with the Ministry of Health. It is what we did yesterday (on Saturday). We saw that we had two positives (on staff), we communicated them, we isolate ourselves in a bubble to be ready to play this game“, he concluded.