German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Charité Hospital in Berlin after a Russian opposition politician being treated for poisoning Aleksei Navalnyin by.

However, the visit was kept secret, according to the German magazine Der Spiegel.

According to the newspaper, Merkel’s visit was a show of the German government’s solidarity with the Navalny, who was hit by a neurotoxin. It also showed how serious Germany is about the assassination attempt by a Russian politician and does not intend to forget the case.

Germany has demanded an explanation from Russia. Russia has denied its involvement in the Navalny poisoning and demanded evidence of the poisoning from Germany.

Navalnyi, who had been in treatment at Charité Hospital for 32 days but has now been discharged, confirms Merkel’s visit.

– I am grateful to Chancellor Merkel that he visited me in the hospital, Navalnyi wrote in a Twitter account with the visit had been discovered.

Navalnyi described the visit as a private conversation, which also involved Navalny’s wife and children.