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After the renewal of the S-Class, it was clear that its new flagship would also be Maybachized by Mercedes, but no one expected that even the type’s design was not large enough for Maybach: an additional 180mm was added between the two axles, making trucks evoking a wheelbase of 3396 millimeters.

There was also a need for space, as the Executive seat package is standard on the back, but First Class seats are also available at an additional cost. The former offer a motorized adjustable seat and backrest, an even longer-lasting legrest, and a massage function that extends to the leg.

The seat heats not only the thighs and back, but also the neck and shoulders. The First Class package includes a center floor console, heated / cooled cup holders, a cordless phone charger and leather-covered tables. Rear passengers can control the on-board infotainment system from a tablet computer, or just wave and blink as cameras monitor their movements.

Mercedes has set a new standard: here is the Maybach S-Class 3

The chassis is comfort-oriented, the rear wheel steering is available in two ranges (4.5 ° or 10 ° deflection), but there is also active body tilt control that monitors the road with a camera.

Exclusive details include optional two-tone paint, digital headlights with 1.3 million mirrors per side, and adaptive rear lighting. Noise reduction is entrusted to an active noise canceling system, the seat belts are provided by an electric motor to the rear passengers.

Mercedes has set a new standard: here is the Maybach S-Class 4

The engine offering is not detailed by the factory, all that has been said is that the resources of the S-Class will be transferred to the Maybach S-Class.

Click here and also watch a video of Mercedes’ most luxurious work to date.



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