The major automotive brands are not thinking twice when making the leap to the new urban mobility, which is electric, light and does not need a driver’s license. After Seat, Mercedes has also begun to deploy its offensive in terms of personal mobility vehicles refers to this eScooter, which is not yet included in the product catalog of the German brand.

This VMP is manufactured in collaboration with el grupo Micro Mobility Systems, who have published the information regarding this new vehicle on their website, with its main characteristics.

The Mercedes scooter is going to be powered by a maximum power of 500 W and will reach a speed of up to 20 kilometers per hour, so it adjusts without problems to the regulation of the General Directorate of Traffic.

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Its 280Wh battery provides sufficient autonomy to travel up to 25 kilometers and recharges in three and a half hours, which makes it a perfect vehicle for daily transfers in the city.

It also highlights its driving efficiency and intuitive use. It is accelerated by activating a fist with a system similar to that of motorcycles, so it is more expensive and much more fun to use. This feature differentiates it from other models in which it is accelerated by activating a tab with the thumb.

When it comes to traveling comfort, the Mercedes eScooter is equipped with 7.8-inch wheels and has front and rear suspension. The best? Its durability. As it could not be otherwise being a Mercedes model, the eScooter is manufactured to last up to 5,000 kilometers of use.

Its price is still unknown and when it will actually go on the market but, with these characteristics, Who could resist driving the new Mercedes model?