Mercedes celebrated a triumphant victory because Verstappen wasn’t hurt

Everyone was not happy with the exuberant celebrations of Lewis Hamilton’s victory in the British Grand Prix by Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton and Lewis Hamilton. However, the German factory formation was informed by Red Bull Racing and the FIA ​​that Max Verstappen was not injured in his crash and therefore continued with the festivities.

Sunday was Lewis HamiltonHe was honoured as the British Grand Prix winner for the eighth consecutive time in his F1 career. He was involved in a collision on the first lap. Max Verstappen. The Dutchman clapped his hands into the tires stacks, but he was able to free himself. He was then transferred to another hospital nearby for further checks. Verstappen, who was still present when Hamilton crossed the finish line, celebrated his victory with the rest of the team. Mercedes.

From the camp Red Bull RacingHe was furious. Verstappen said on social media that celebrating the win was ‘disrespectful’ while Helmut Marko, his top advisor, was also upset about it. He thought it was typical of Mercedes”style’. However, the German factory team states that some leaders from Red Bull and the FIA ​​had made it clear that Verstappen was okay and had no injuries. The team didn’t feel obliged to skip celebrating Silverstone’s victory. Toto Wolff, Mercedes team boss in an exclusive conversation with

The Austrian stated that it was important to fully understand the feedback received. “High-ranking people in Red Bull management gave us feedback that Max was okay. Christian [Horner]Also, the radio broadcast was also a part of it. [F1-wedstrijdleider]Michael Masi stated that he was okay and unharmed. The FIA ​​then gave us the same feedback. If Max had been hurt, we wouldn’t have celebrated. This is important for me to grasp.”

Hamilton didn’t know about Verstappen’s hospital visit

Wolff said that Hamilton did not know Verstappen had been taken by hospital to be checked-up. Red Bull’s driver, seven-time world champion, was not hurt in the accident. This proved to be true. Mercedes didn’t feel the need for Hamilton to be updated on Verstappen’s condition. “The only information we had was that Max was fine. Wolff said that Lewis didn’t need more information.

Mercedes’ recent situation played an important role in the extravagant celebrations at Silverstone. “We mustn’t forget that we won a Grand Prix after five negative weekends,” Wolff explains. Mercedes was therefore extremely grateful for the success in Great Britain. Wolff still has reservations about Red Bull’s post-race commentary. “It was Lewis who won the British Grand Prix, it’s clear that it causes a lot of emotions. The statements that were made, some of which were defamatory, and many others very personal, I believe everyone should make it their own way. We see it, but in my view there is really nothing to say about it.” F1 podcast extensively discusses the clash between title rivals


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