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The top-of-the-line versions of the E 63 4MATIC +, available in 571 or 612 horsepower, and the more modest 435-horsepower E 53 4MATIC + in all body styles, have been renewed at the same time,

The nose design of the model family has changed, aiming not so much at the sight but at the more favorable aerodynamics. The redesigned rear apron and diffuser serve the same purpose, although the luminaire has also been pulled narrower. The 19 and 20 inch wheels have a new design.

There are 10.25-inch screens in the cabin, but the top version comes standard with 12.25; sports-specific data can be displayed on the screen in a separate AMG menu item, of course. The digital assistant is now quivering, not exaggerating (at least in many markets; in Hungary we will see how friendly the car will be).

The steering wheel is also new; its double-spoke design locks to the wheel of the S-Class. Standard equipment is always the nine-speed automatic transmission and its handlebar-mounted clutch lugs.

The chassis was renewed: a new material bushing was used at the front; the new three-chamber air suspension stands out with its excellent adjustability for excellent vibration and noise absorption. The spring force increases during a sudden change of direction, intense acceleration or deceleration, thus reducing the tilt and tilt of the body.

Also new is the AMG Dynamic Plus package, which is available on request for the two smaller model variants and makes the cars sportier in appearance and knowledge.At the same time, the full range of the Mercedes-AMG E-Class has been renewed 3

If you want to watch the renewed AMG E-Class models on video, click here.



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