Whereas there have been several reports from Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, that men wearing uniforms have fired on protesters with hard ammunition and that people have died as a result,

An eyewitness says BBCfor having dropped about 20 bodies and seen at least 50 injured. Prior to this, the soldiers had opened fire on the protesters.

– They started shooting towards the crowd. They shot into the crowd. I saw how the ammunition hit one or two people, the 55-year-old present Alfred Ononugbo tells Reuters.

The incident happened Tuesday night in the well-off Lekki neighborhood in Lagos.

Human rights organization Amnesty says it has received credible contacts about the death.

Protesters opposed police violence. For two weeks now, there has been a demonstration in the country against a unit called Sars against police robberies. The unit was shut down on October 11, but protests have continued.

According to Amnesty, at least 15 people have died since the protests began.

Authorities have promised an investigation into the events. The Nigerian military said on Twitter that its soldiers were not present.

According to Reuters, authorities had previously said the protests had become violent and a curfew had been declared in Lagos.

Repair 21.10. at 10.17. It was previously wrongly said in the story that Lagos would be the capital of Nigeria. It is the largest city in Nigeria. The capital is Abuja.