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Friday 18 September in the late evening on Rai 4, within a cycle called “Missione Oriente”, the beautiful film directed by the director of Parasite, the Korean Bong Joon-ho, will be broadcast on TV for the first time. A thriller about the hunt for a serial killer who has imposed new rules on a very popular genre.

The Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and, even more, i five very important Academy Awards – including Best Picture and Best Director – which he took home Parasite they served not only to contribute to the international proceeds of the film by Bong Joon-ho (which, in Italy, has exceeded 5 million and 750 thousand euros), but also to impose the name of this director from South Korea to the attention of the general public.
Fans of cinema, and of oriental cinema in particular, Bong they had known him for some time, but the same was not true for many other viewers: for example, they had to wait until last February to see another beautiful film by the director at the cinema, Memories of a murderer, 17 years after its creation and its release on the Korean and international market.
If by chance, thanks to the start of the pandemic, you have not had the opportunity to see Memories of a murderer at the cinema, do not make commitments for the second evening of Friday 18 September: because it will be then that Rai 4 will send aired in absolute tv premiere Bong’s film, part of a programming cycle called “Missione Oriente”, which every Friday will feature a series of genre films from Far East Asia.

Amazing success at home, and at numerous international festivals, Memories of a murderer tells a story inspired by the true story of the first serial killer in the history of South Korea, who operated at the end of the 1980s in the town of Hwaseong, in a rural province of the Asian country.
The film tells the joint efforts of two policemen (one brisk, violent and unorthodox, based in the town affected by the murders; the second more used to acting according to the rules, and sent to the crime logo from Seoul) to discover the identity of the homicidal maniac.
Adapted from the same Bong starting from a play, Memories of a murderer is considered by international critics as one of the most important films of the last twenty years, and his unmistakable style, so different from the typical thriller with Hollywood-produced serial killer, has indelibly marked everything that came after and that he told similar stories.
The murders told in the film remained unsolved for many years. Only last year, in 2019, a lifer named Lee Choon-jae, imprisoned for killing his sister-in-law, he confessed another 14 murders and about thirty acts of sexual violence. Among his victims, at least nine of the ten killed in Hwaseong.

Memories of a murderer will be preceded in prime time, always on Rai4, from the airing of Snowpiercer, another film by Bong, his first film shot in English with a cast composed of Chris Evans, Jamie Bell, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, Song Kang-ho and many more.
The Missione Oriente cycle will then continue in the coming weeks, to the delight of martial arts enthusiasts, with the saga of Ip Man, the one dedicated to the homonymous, famous master of Wing Chun who among his students the legendary Bruce Lee, and composed of three films directed by Wilson Yip and interpreted by Donnie Yen, and from the spin-off titled Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy.
The saga of Ip Man it will be combined, in the late evening, with a selection of cult that explore the most disparate genres typical of the oriental cinematographic tradition: we will therefore see kaiju-eiga as Shin Godzilla; an adrenaline-pumping action directed by Dante Lam titled Operation Mekong; wuxiapian mixed with peplum of Dragon Blade – The Battle of the Empires, interpreted by Jackie Chan, John Cusack e Adrien Brody; a Hong Kong action classic starring Jet Li come The lookout of the black mask.
to feel pain and emotions after a chemical treatment, forced to return to action
At the end of the film cycle, on Friday of Rai4 will remain dedicated to martial arts, with a first-run made in USA television series: Warrion, based on an original idea by Bruce Lee, and set in 1870 in San Francisco, when feuds related to Sino-American organized crime raged on the streets of the Californian city, which follows the mission of a kung-fu master who from China arrives in the United States in search of his missing sister.



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