Melissa Gilbert, the actress of The Ingalls Family, confessed the drama she lived in her childhood

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Remembered for being Laura Ingalls on the show, she revealed a part of her biography that her family kept from her and why Michael Landon behaved like her father in real life.

Her name is Melissa Gilbert but millions of people keep calling her after her childhood character: Laura Ingalls. At 56, the actress who played the tender daughter of Caroline (Karen Grassle) and Charles (Michael Landon) in The Ingalls family he never ceases to amaze with the media appearances he made this year.

A few weeks ago he made the news for having changed his lifestyle in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. “I have no desire to go back to the city, except to see my dentist every six months,” he admitted, detailing that he moved to a farm. in which he imitates the routine of the series.

“My husband and I had to build and care for a big garden, create an irrigation system for that garden, create an electric fence system to protect the hen house from bears. We are dedicated to raising chickens. I never had more fun in my life. We get up early and we are absolutely dirty already at 10 AM. Country life makes me happy all the time, “he confessed.

Now, fans of the fiction about the little house on the prairie – which lasted ten seasons – were shocked by the confession of the actress, who only as an adult learned the secrets of her family.

“Today is Suicide Prevention Day. Not a day has passed in the almost 45 years since my father died by suicide, that I do not feel pain or emptiness in my heart”, wrote on his social networks.

“I suppose that will be the case for me until the end of my time on this planet. Please, if someone you know is speaking out or threatening to end their life, contact @nationalsuicideprevention 1-800-273-8255,” he added. Gilbert He was six when his parents divorced, but five years later, Paul Gilbert died.

Melissa was told it was “a stroke in her sleep”. Just to his 44 years learned that his father had committed suicide.

When he tried to put the puzzle together, he discovered that Paul had been a war veteran and had trouble processing his direct contact with death, to the point that he became mentally unbalanced.

Melissa lived with that drama for years, until it came to light decades after her biological parents they had given her up for adoption the day she was born.

The Gilbert family adopted another baby, Jonathan Gilbert, three years after Laura’s arrival. The boy acted alongside her sister in the series: she played the mischievous Willie Oleson, brother of the wicked Nellie.

The lack of father while recording The Ingalls family explains the close bond he had with his fictional father, Landon. “He was like my dad. Until today I feel that he was an angel who served as a father beyond the series and marked my life, “acknowledged Melissa.

In 2009 Gilbert decided to publish his book Prairie Tale: A Memoir in which she spoke about her life as a child actress in Hollywood and how she discovered what her family was “hiding.”

“For me, at 44 years old, my book was a search for truth and identity. But to my mother, if only they could have seen the expression on her face, they would understand: it was a betrayal for her to write it. “

Melissa today says she is happy and has left “the ghosts of the past well behind.” She went through three marriages. Her first husband was actor Bo Brinkman (from 1988 to 1992), with whom she had Dakota Paul. The second was actor Bruce Boxleitner (from 1995 to 2011), with whom she was Michael’s mother. Today she is in a relationship with Timothy Busfield. They got married in 2013.


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