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ULLEVAAL STADIUM (VG) Birger Meling (25) has a hectic week ahead of him. Only two days separate the international match against Northern Ireland and the big match against Paris Saint-Germain.

Rogalendingen radiated almost boundless energy along his left side during the sabotage of Romania on Sunday night, but this hard-working seems in excess even for the strong running hill:

Wednesday at 20.45: Norway – Northern Ireland at Ullevaal Stadium.

Friday at 21.00: Nîmes – PSG på Stade Des Costières.

– I think it is special that the match is played as it does. Especially considering that France also plays at 20.45 on Wednesday. There is not much else to do but possibly recover well, eat right and try to do the best you can to be ready to fight both Wednesday and Friday if the opportunity arises. You can not do anything with the setup and only have to do something with what you can do something with yourself, says Meling.

While only 200 spectators come to the national match, 5,000 spectators have been announced for the home match against the stars from PSG.

National team manager Lars Lagerbäck does not express that he will take into account Meling’s tight program, and says that he has not heard anything from Nîmes that they want limited pressure on his left back.

Given that the squad’s second left-back, Haitam Aleesami, is still recovering after being physically run down by Thursday’s match against Serbia, Meling is set to start against Northern Ireland on Wednesday.

Lysluggen delivered an impressive performance against Romania with a goal-scoring pass to Alexander Sørloth and tireless runs along its edge. It did not go unnoticed by the boss, who admits that Meling strengthens his application for extended trust.

– Birger did not lower his chances of being in the starting lineup, Lagerbäck said after the match on Sunday night.

The next day, Meling answers questions like what it has been like to be a second choice left-back behind Aleesami in recent years:

– It is clear that everyone who is taken out on a national team, and who participates in gatherings, is here by virtue of having an inner drive, a motivation and belief in their own skills that indicate that they want to play. That’s how it is for everyone, and then it’s up to the coach to choose the team he thinks is best suited for each team. Then it’s about taking the opportunity when it presents itself, but it’s a bit like that on a national team.


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