Melanie C’s rematch: the “Spice Girl” who took 46 years to accept and befriend her past

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Before publishing his eighth album, he confessed that it was difficult for him not to deny his character from “Sporty Spice” and ruled out a new meeting of the group.

Melanie C dust off his style ofSporty Spice “to present her latest solo musical project. In her new professional and personal facet, she now embraced the sum of the parts that made her who she is, and decided to edit an album to put the world to dance.

“When I went back on tour with them last year, I realized that I am ‘Sporty Spice’ whatever happens and that it is, in fact, the more comfortable I find myself, “she stated without matrices at the EFE agency the British, before the launch this Friday of Melanic C, his eighth album study outside your old group.

It is curious that Melanie Chisholm (Lancashire, 1974) has needed so many previous albums, since in 1999 he released the seminal Northern Star, to baptize one of his works with his own name, Melanie C, which is published this coming Friday, October 2.

“I considered the possibility in the past, but it never seemed right to me. Perhaps the first one would have been the most appropriate. If it has taken me so long to do it, it is because the process of acceptance and self-discovery I’ve been immersed in I feel like I’ve found myself, “she explains.

What happened in your life to get to that point? “It was a very long journey from the beginning with the Spice Girls, where I had this very defined image of Sporty Spice (the athlete). Then I spent many years wondering who I was other than that, often trying to be something more, “he acknowledges.

“Now I can seem very serious or go mature, but that fun part is still there. All that is me and going on tour last year with the Spices, with that love that they continued to profess us in the world, gave me a lot of courage to move on. “

Trust it is precisely a keyword that repeats without stopping. “I reached a point not only in my career, but in my personal life, where I believe a lot in myself. I’m not perfect but I don’t care. I can’t like everyone like I don’t like everyone musically, but I love these songs. ”

An important step towards the sound of Melanie C gave it with the publication, in the summer of 2019 LGBT + anthem High Heels (the topic will be included in the edition deluxe album), although the real trigger was his first single, Who I Am, in which he reflected precisely on his identity.

“You have to be honest. Spice Girls was a gigantic global phenomenon in many ways and I feel proud and fortunate to have been a part of it. I know that without Spice Girls I would not have a solo career,” she says with an honesty reflected in the album.

Thus came cuts like In And Out Of Love, with which the danceable side of the album is clear. Since 2007, Melanie C did not include a duet on one of her albums, a trend that broke with Fearless, next to the young promise Nadia rose. “In this album in general I tried to incorporate a lot of young people, also co-writers, who have given it a very fresh vision.”

In this regard, he assures that he does not feel that his time in the world of music is close to expiration. “It’s a cultural issue. Pop identifies a lot with youth. I don’t feel like I’m old enough to listen to artists like Dua Lipa, so I don’t look old enough to make that music either.”

Most Melanie C It was already done when “all this madness” of the COVID-19 pandemic was unleashed, but its author acknowledges that he came to consider whether now was a good time for its launch. In the final decision weighed “being in contact” with her followers and the possibility of “entertaining” them.

Although he will not be able to present his songs live until 2021, with a stop at Madrid (April 29, in La Riviera) and another in Barcelona (May 1, at Sala Apolo), Melanie C will offer a preview through four live sessions with the band that can be followed online this Thursday and Friday, coinciding with the release of the album.

What he rules out outright is a new meeting with his former colleagues to relaunch the video of Wannabe, before the 25th anniversary of this production. “It’s completely untrue. If we wanted to do something for that reason, it would be much more interesting, “she adds with a laugh.

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