On this textual content, entitled “The Street Awaiting Us,” Donald Trump’s spouse as soon as evokes her husband, however returns to the group on Wednesday, an occasion he has kept away from commenting on to date.

“Our nation must heal its wounds peacefully. I do not wish to go away any doubt. I completely condemn the violence that happened on the Capitol. Violence is rarely acceptable. “, she factors out.

“I urge individuals to cease all violence, by no means gas prejudice based mostly on pores and skin coloration, and by no means use a divergence of political ideology to justify aggression or being merciless. We have to pay attention to one another, give attention to what unites us and rise above the whole lot that divides us. ”

“Disenchanted and discouraged”

His message additionally has private notes.

CNN revealed on Friday that whereas Donald Trump’s supporters had been occupying the Capitol, Melania Trump was attending a photograph shoot.

Based on CNN, it was about immortalizing the carpets from the White Home, with the intention to publish an illustrated ebook.

Melania Trump wished to reply CNN.

“I’m dissatisfied and discouraged by what occurred final week,” she mentioned.

“I believe it is a disgrace that soiled rumors, gratuitous private assaults and false accusations about me have unfold round these tragic occasions by people who find themselves making an attempt to make them fascinating and who’ve hidden ideas. This era have to be devoted solely to the therapeutic of our nation and its residents. It shouldn’t be used for private achieve, “she mentioned.