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A new statue representing the first lady, Melania Trump, stands near the Slovenian town of Sevnica, birthplace of the wife of the president of the United States, in replacement of an earlier wooden sculpture that was burned in July by strangers.

This time the sculpture is bronze, more difficult to destroy, and was uncovered on Wednesday in a small ceremony, Slovenian public television TVSlo reported on Thursday.

“This statue is dedicated to eternal memory at the monument to Melania that it was in this same place “, reads the inscription on the plaque that accompanies the new monument, a replica of the previous one. Both works were designed by the American artist Brad Downey.

The new Melania stands in life size on a wooden base in a field in the town of Rozno, near Sevnica, the eastern Slovenian city where the former model lived her childhood.

The figure, with a flat face without features, say hi with the raised hand, in a position reminiscent of her husband when he assumed the presidency of the United States in 2017.

But if the wooden Melania had a dress painted blue, like the one the first lady wore on the day of the inauguration ceremony, the bronze one it’s completely monochromatic, Without colors.

According to TVSlo, the artist has conceived as an “anti-monument, a counter-propaganda”, to express a critical message with Trump’s policy, especially on the issue of migration, since the statue is also a reminder that his wife came to the United States as an immigrant.

At the inauguration of the monument pieces of a cake called “Melania” were distributed, one of the many local Sevnica products named after its most famous citizen.

Last January, a wooden figure representing Donald Trump was also burned by unknown persons in a town near Ljubljana, where he had been installed a month earlier to denounce, according to its creator, the Slovenian Toni Schlegel, the rise of populism in the world.



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