President Donald Trumpin spouse Melania Trump tells on the White House website how Korona treated her and her family. The presidential couple fell ill two weeks ago.

Melania explains how her thoughts passed on to her son immediately after the positive result To Barron Trump, which first received a negative test result.

– My fears came true when he was tested again and he was positive. Fortunately, she is a strong teenager and had no symptoms, Melania writes.

He says Barron, 14, has since received a negative test result, as has he himself.

– I’m sort of glad that we all three we went through this at the same time, and we were able to take care of each other and spend time together.

Melania says she encountered symptoms during roller coaster disease. He had muscle aches, coughs, headaches and extreme fatigue.

The president received quite a few cocktails for his own illness, but Melania says he mainly focused on vitamins and healthy food. He thanks the doctors who treated them and says he is forever grateful to them.

“It was an unusual feeling for me to be cared for instead of encouraging our people to stay safe and healthy,” says Melania.

The time of illness also gave him time to think about both his family and all the people who have contracted the coronavirus. With the upcoming election, it’s easy to stay afloat with negativity, Melania says.

He was encouraged to think of all the people he has met in the United States and abroad.

– And the kindness and compassion that can be found if you seek it.

Melania says she encourages everyone to live as healthy a life as she can.

– A varied diet, clean air and vitamins are really important to keep our bodies healthy. Compassion and humility are just as important to your overall well-being to keep our minds strong, Melania writes.

She says she’s happy to be healthy again, but mentions once again that she was really lucky about how well cared for her family.

– If you are sick or if one of your loved ones is sick, I will think and I will think of you every day.

“Kids to school”

Donald Trump, for his part, used his son’s illness to justify why schools should not be kept closed.

“He had it for such a short time, I don’t even think he knew he had it,” Donald said at a campaign ceremony in Des Moines, Iowa on Wednesday, using the term “Chinese virus,” among other things.

The president made it clear that he did not quite agree that his wife wanted to report on Barron’s test result, but says he agreed to the disclosure.

– Barron got a positive result. Then, as after two seconds, Barron was fine. He got a negative result. It happens. People get it and then it’s gone. Put the kids back in school, we need to get the kids back to school, Donald said.