The first woman in the United States Melania Trump stepped into the pulpit just a week before U.S. Presidential Election Day. The election ceremony in Pennsylvania on Tuesday was Trump’s first campaign campaign of his own during the culminating presidential battle next week.

In his speech, Trump focused in particular on the coronavirus and the way Democrats have reacted to it. He also brutally attacked President Donald Trump’s rival, Joe Biden, and criticized his actions.

– He said recently that he could have done his job better. However, Americans can explore Biden’s 36-year career in Congress, eight years as vice president, and wonder if it would really be time for him to finally do something for the Americans, he squeaked.

In her speech, Melania Trump also spoke about her family’s coronavirus experience and expressed compassion for others who had similarly experienced it. The approach is different from her husband’s, as President Trump has shown very little empathy for others suffering from the virus, even though he himself has suffered from a corona.

– Like many others, I also have first-hand experience of the virus, not only as a patient, but as a worried mother and wife. I know many of you have lost loved ones and will suffer forever from the influence of this silent enemy, Mrs. Trump said.

Mention of social media

The first woman also accused Democrats of inciting fear and splitting the people in the treatment of a coronavirus pandemic. He said Democrats have put their own interests ahead of the well-being of Americans.

– No one should incite fear for political reasons. They try to cause confusion and fear instead of creating hope and security. That’s not real leadership, he said.

Trump also accused Democrats of wasting tax money while her husband took “resolute action to keep Americans safe”.

In her speech, she also sidelined her husband’s heavy use of social media. President Trump is known as a hard-working tweeter, and his way of using social media has caused a great deal of debate and criticism.

– For the first time in history, citizens hear about their president on social media on a daily basis. I don’t always agree with the way he presents things, but it’s important for him to talk directly to the people he serves, Trump said.

The last time Melania Trump spoke to the people was in June 2019, when her husband launched her election campaign. The speech, which was given only a week before the election, was precisely timed, as Trump is believed to want voices, especially from white middle-class women, to whom the first woman’s appearance According to CNN appeal.