Harry and Meghan, who left British and royal obligations, signed a lucrative multi-year deal with streaming service Netflix this year.

According to The Sun, the couple is taking a surprising takeover and will appear in the upcoming series themselves. The magazine says the duo will join a program that describes their daily lives for three months.

According to an anonymous source that remains anonymous, the Duke of Sussex wants the program to show who they really are and what their daily lives are like. The idea is to back up what kind of charity work they do. The goal is to conjure up a tastefully made reality TV show. It is not known whether the duo will open the doors of their luxury mansion in the program.

Earlier it was reported that Harry and Meghan were scrambling for Netflix productions as producers. They have said they want to make the streaming service available to the international public, including documents, documentary series, scripted programs, and children’s programs.

– Our purpose is to create informative and encouraging content. As fresh parents, it is important for us to create an inspiring program for the whole family, the couple backed in the press release.

The television visibility recording contradicts the couple’s previous speeches. Among other things, they backed up their decision to leave the court by wanting to live more privately and out of the spotlight in the future.

Major Magazine editor Ingrid Seward criticized the couple’s hypocrisy in the magazine.

– We were told they went to California for more privacy, so this all seems hypocritical.

– This is really exceptional. This is exactly what they didn’t want, he sucks.

Information Specialist Mark Borkowski however, the magazine praises the couple’s public relations strategy.

– They have created a big plan that they are implementing. They do everything on their own terms, he recalls.

– Netflix’s big favorite shows are reality TV, so this makes sense, he sums up.

Caption: Harry and Meghan begin their careers as reality TV stars.

Source: The Sun