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England will ban social gatherings of more than six people, both indoors and outdoors, starting next Monday due to the worrying advance of infections from the COVID-19 in the last days.

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, will formally make the announcement on Wednesday at a press conference, although the media has anticipated that there will be several exemptions to this new rule, which will not apply in schools, workplaces or team sports.

Advancement of the pandemic

Those who violate the norm are exposed to 100 pound fine (110 euros), which can reach a maximum of 3,200 pounds (3,527 euros) as well as being dispersed by the police.

The British Government’s decision to England -the regional executives of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can take their own measures- comes to the end of a day in which the experts who advise him have warned about the progressive worsening of the situation.

Since last Sunday, the number of daily infections has increased to around 3,000 – today’s figure dropped to 2,420 – which is due to the authorities’ judgment. “relaxation” in measures protection of the population, especially young people.

Does not apply in schools

The measure will reduce the current meeting limit of 30 people to six, both outdoors and indoors, restaurants or bars.

They will be exempt, in addition to those mentioned colleges or workplaces, weddings and funerals, as long as they are organized safely, although the full list of exceptions will be known soon.

According to Downing Street, Johnson will say Wednesday that they are “simplifying and enforcing the rules on social contact, making them easier to understand and apply for the policeman“.




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