At least 41,600 people have died in the UK from infection with the new coronavirus. The viral replication rate is currently between 1 and 1.2, ie above the level that leads to an acceleration of contamination. A total of 3,539 new cases of COVID-19 were registered in the British territory on Friday, according to government figures, the highest daily balance after May 17, notes AFP, according to Agerpres.

In Birmingham, a city of 1.1 million people in central England, the rate of COVID-19 contamination has risen from 30.1 to 75 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Authorities were forced to take drastic measures.

“As of Tuesday, September 15, Birmingham residents will no longer be able to meet with other families, indoors or in private gardens,” the City Council said in a statement.

However, locals can still go to cafes, restaurants or shops.

“I know it’s frustrating that you can go to the pub but not see your family, but the evidence we have shows that the infection rate has increased mainly due to social interactions, especially private gatherings,” said a local councilor.

Faced with the growing number of daily cases of infection, the British government has decided to ban gatherings of more than six people from different households.