Prosthesis it is a real life mecha that can already be controlled by a human. We tell you all the details about this amazing advance in robotics.

For years, science fiction movies and video games have shown us that there is the possibility of mechanical robots that can be piloted by one person.

While it is true that in recent years the development of electric exoskeletons has increasingly become a reality, it still seemed far away the day when we would see a larger machine in which a human could enter and pilot with great freedom.

He Prosthesis, designed and built by Furrion Exo-Bionics, It is a four-limbed, around 4.5-ton machine that has the ability to lift a car, tow a truck, walk on uneven terrain, and even overcome obstacles the height of a refrigerator.

The closest application for this new suit is to create a sport in which pilots travel through a series of obstacles, competing against each other for the best time on the circuit.

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The creator of the suit, Johnathan Tippet, endeavored to create a machine that walked in the most rudimentary way possible, for which he decided that four extremities, two on each side, would be the best way, since the pilotsuspended inside the suit by a harness independent from the frame, it controls the movement of the machine with each of its four limbs.

Prosthesis has been in development for over ten years, working in secret, Johnathan and his team refined the formula and thought it prudent that 2020 would be the year to bring out their creation.

Some test drivers have started practicing the movement on this completely revolutionary machine.

Crasie Hayrysh, Canadian champion of skeleton (sport similar to bobsleigh, in which the pilot travels an ice rink at speeds in excess of 100 kilometers per hour, on nothing more than a carbon fiber board, he has verified the difficulty of piloting the Prosthesis.

The best of the whole thing is that you too could be one of the test pilots alpha of the system through its campaign crowd sourcing.

In anime culture, mechas are very popular, and if we can’t pilot Prosthesis in real life, at least we get to see incredible productions like Mazinger Z, a manga series created by Gō Nagai.

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Would you like to pilot at some point Prosthesis?