We have already told you about Analogue, a company that specializes in making ‘clones’ of retro consoles.

For example, we tell you from his recreation of the Game Boy, called Analogue Pocket and compatible with Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance cartridges.

And this time we talk about his Analogue Duo, a console with which you can give new life to your retro titles of TurboGrafx.

Like other platforms of the company, Analogue Duo uses a chip FPGA that allows you to accurately simulate the original hardware without resorting to software-based emulation.

In Analogue’s words, Duo is an ‘all-in-one’ reinvention of one of the most underrated video game platforms of all time, in a way that is compatible with almost all NEC systems and their respective formats.

In this way, the console is capable of playing TurboGrafx-16, TurboGrafx CD, PC Engine, SuperGrafx, PC Engine CD-ROM, and Super Arcade CD-ROM games.

It has an entrance for the cartridges that in Japan were known as Hucards and in America like Turbochips.

It also has a disc tray (supports games based on CD-ROM) and is compatible with original hardware such as controls and accessories (it has the respective ports).

About the controls, Analogue Duo supports controls wireless via Bluetooth and 2.4.

The company says that any 8BitDo Bluetooth controller works, in addition to wired controls can be connected to it. via USB.

There the ad does not stop, as Analogue also announced that the games of Turbografx-16, PC Engine Y SuperGrafx they will also be compatible with your system Pocket (the Game Boy clone mentioned above), which is the first time since the original TurboExpress from 1990 that the entire library of these systems can be played on a laptop.

Analogue Duo will go on sale at 2021It will be available in two colors and will cost $ 199.