Mediapersona Rosanna Kulju, 29, is one of the entrepreneurs who earns a living from, among other things, some.

He also produces the popular Grl Gang podcast and, through his company, organizes events and hires staff, for example, but sometime rhythms his daily life the most. In practice, this means a constant presence, and the boundary between work and leisure is easily blurred.

200 messages per day

Rosanna loves her job, and she has come a long way in having more than 70,000 people follow her Instagram account, for example. Through commercial publications, finnish influencers can earn giant roadblocks through their work, but success has not come to Rosanna for free either.

When there are a huge number of followers and it is specifically social media, interactivity with people requires a huge amount of time. Rosanna may receive hundreds of messages a day that she tries to reply to.

– If I get 200 messages a day, I try to reply for the most part. Of course, I would like to answer all, but I am forced to keep common sense in hand.

The majority of the messages Rosanta receives are positive. He gets a lot of feedback on how the content brightens up people’s days and brings glimpses of joy to everyday life. Rosanna’s mind is especially warmed by certain types of messages.

– I get a lot of feedback that my stuff tastes like life and I think it’s said especially wonderfully.

That’s when he feels he’s succeeded in his goal.

New hairstyle

Rosanna strives to portray both the joys and sorrows of life on social media, but reminds her that she doesn’t show everything in her hand. For example, he less often introduces his family members or moments of laziness to his followers – and this is well thought out.

When she dyed her hair reddish brown some time ago and posted a picture of her new look, private messages started to crumble. After answering a few questionnaires, she made a new publication detailing her new hair color, as time was simply not enough for her to answer all the interviewers individually.

– After that I heard that the same color ran out of several hairdressers.

A similar flood of messages arose when Rosanna opened a conversation about how she has suffered from severe insomnia in recent months. With this, many told about their own problems in private messages.

– I feel many times that I am obliged to respond to messages and even seek it, because it’s great that people trust me so much, that open up to me.

While it felt good that a topic that clearly touched many was raised, Rosanna felt that her resources were not enough to answer.

– It was nice when people put messages, but advice with a good purpose was more stressful than helpful. I found that when there is a lot of hassle in my own life, the messages can be really stressful a lot.

And when there are a lot of messages on a topic, there can always be negative contacts.

The cup broke

Somehow influencers have to put up with messages that go well into personalities. Recently, several Finns earning a living on social media have spoken more openly about cyberbullying, which Rosanna has also experienced.

“Especially when I’ve been tired, these things have sometimes felt like the whole world is crashing,” says Rosanna.

– You never get used to it properly and it’s sad that you can get used to it a little bit. Over time, however, you realize that you can’t please everyone, and because of that, it is no longer usually taken in person.

Even though he’s been in the public eye for years, the heart hasn’t hardened to the point that nasty comments would never hurt.

– Sometimes I would like to remind you that I show exactly what I want to show in the some. I have those normal worries and worries of life that others have in addition to all this. Therefore, I hope people would be a little more merciful to each other.

Rosanna’s comments, which criticize the choices she has made, for example, seem particularly unpleasant.

– However, I am actually the only one who knows their choices starting points. If something is important to me, then when you start criticizing it and already go to the side of bullying, then on bad days it feels like the cup is pouring over. Then comes the feeling that I close this whole shit and stop all this and move to some Kilpisjärvi to live in the woods.

Out of here

Although the idea of ​​a forest cottage in Kilpisjärvi is very far from Rosanta’s dream life, difficult moments drive her from time to time to weigh the price of something.

– Yes, I sometimes think that the joke would be easy to be someone of a normal type – someone from Pirkko-Liisa Nurmijärvi – and would be allowed to do what they want in peace, and someone would not follow my every move, Rosanna sighs.

Over the years, the idea that one could take a break from everyday life in Finland by moving abroad, has gradually matured in his mind. Rosanna has one trump card on her sleeve for moving dreams that she may still adopt: Her mother tongue is Swedish, and she lived in Sweden until she moved away from home at the age of 15.

– I’m serious thinking about it, that I wanted to go somewhere else for a little while, and Stockholm would be interested very much. I would have a job there and still get out of there in an hour.

So far, for example, a coronavirus pandemic is holding back plans, but in these exceptional times, there has been time to think about what you want from the future.

– I’ve been thinking about things here quite new and Stockholm modification could be quite possible in the future, he says, and smiles.

Rosanta ‘s makeup and hair Muru Ritala / Office. Style: Susanne Salo. Pink sweater Dante 6, jeans Mos Mosh. Light outfit Coster Copenhagen, earrings Edblad, sneakers Zara. Cardigan Zara, leather pants Coster Copenhagen. Inquiries: (Dante, Coster, Edblad, Mos Mosh),