McLaren has evolved from one of Formula One’s leading teams to one of the players in the very dense midfield over the past decade, but they have embarked on a path of improvement over the past year or two.

The primary goal is to get to the top again in F1, but the brand is already carrying a full-fledged program in the US Indycar this year, and through company manager Zak Brown’s “separate entrance” United Autosport team, they won a category victory at this year’s Le Mans. you. Brown wants McLaren to win all three series in the future.

“I don’t like anything better than McLaren, I’m glad we’re there in F1, Indycarbam, and I want us to get back into long-distance racing as well. My dream is to win in Formula One, the Indy 500, the Indycar Championship and Le Mans, and we can make that happen with McLaren, but it will take about 20 years. I have big goals. I want to be the first team boss to get the triple crown. Fernando is at fault for that, ”he said in his official F1 podcast, Beyond the Grid.

It follows from the above that Brown plans for decades, like his predecessor Ron Dennis or just Sir Frank Wiliams, to be in F1, car racing, for a long time:

“I can imagine myself at McLaren for decades. I spent 23 years with my previous company, JMI (motorsport marketing), I have been doing this for four years now. I’m 48 and type like Bernie (Ecclestone), Ron and Frank, who work until their seventies and eighties. So I still have twenty to thirty years. ”