Conor McGregor does not forget his clamorous defeat in front of Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Russian beat him without palliative when they got into the octagon together two years ago, and the Irishman maintains that he would have had a chance if the judges had not mediated.

His latest argument is a kick that was declared illegal and that he has now recovered on twitter. The picture shows ‘The Notorious‘with his back on the ground, on the edge of the fence, while the huge keeps you locked with a key. To try to get away, McGregor gave him a knee in the eye, an illegal action.

Now, it asks that this action be taken not only as within the norm, but also also serve as an example. “Kneeing the eye socket was illegal, yes, from this shot. But it’s gorgeous. An attack never seen before. Like many of my shots. I use my defense leg as a springboard, carrying my knee underneath it. Loose and straight into the eye socket. I smashed it! “McGregor boasts.

It goes further. “It shouldn’t be illegal. It really should be enshrined! Look at him cowering, head back. Let’s be honest! The guy grabs onto my arm without letting go. Here should be allowed everything that is not biting and tearing. Are we fighting or what are we doing here? “He wonders.