Electric technology is not new to Mazda, Well, her engineers have been rehearsing with her for five decades, but yeah It is the first global launch of a car of these characteristics.

Of course, nothing has been left in the pipeline. Although it has the same dimensions as the CX-30, we are not facing the electric version of this SUV. It is much more than that, and we have had the opportunity to see it in person.

For starters, the MX-30 has a different front design, with a grille much thinner and more compact than any Mazda model. Seen in profile, the roof drop is also more pronounced than that of the CX-30, with the rear pillars different in color from the bodywork, rear is more rounded and with less elongated optics.

However, the most “groundbreaking” element of this MX-30 compared to most current models is that the doors open in the opposite way and has no central pillar, so that access to the interior is much easier.

Inside, precisely, everything has an exquisite level of finishes. The raised center console and the cork details stand out, another of the hallmarks of this vehicle, which has been manufactured using recycled and sustainable materials. There’s also three digital displays: that of instrument panel, the central of infotainment and a third, down, for the control of air conditioning.

An engine that sounds

Electrical mechanics of this Mazda has a 107 kW (145 hp) power, and is associated with a 35.5 kWh battery that gives it a autonomy of 200 horses. On paper, this range may seem short, but there are factors that explain it: it is an eminently urban car, it is designed for customers with more than one vehicle owned and also studies indicate that 72% of drivers in Europe do not travel more than 50 km per day. On the other hand, this model is sustainable even in its manufacturing process, and building powerful batteries has a higher environmental cost, according to those responsible for Mazda in Spain. In any case, the energy recovery process, from 20 to 80%, ranges from 36 minutes that takes a fast point at 3 o’clock at a point of normal alternating current, so that it can be charged smoothly every day.

To make contact with the Mazda MX-30, a very complete route was available that traveled through the city, highway and highway. In motion, the first thing striking is the soft hum emanating from the electrical system, since the engineers have wanted the driver to have an auditory reference when driving that, at least to us, has convinced us.

The smooth running is total, and Although in electric cars the answer is immediate, in this Mazda it is sought after progressive, because the accelerator pedal has been worked on to avoid uncomfortable abruptness.

With the maximum speed limited to 140 km / h, on the road the MX-30 is sensationally settled, with precise steering and very good braking, although as you can choose between five retention levels to recharge the electric motor, with the maximum of them active you can almost drive without touching the left pedal, and that also allows you to extend the autonomy.

A great deal

The new Mazda MX-30 is on sale from 34,375 euros, but With aid, brand discounts and financing, it can be purchased for 27,880 euros. There are four finishes: Origin, Evolution, Zenith and First Edition, although the latter be part of a special launch campaign that offers a large endowment of equipment for only 215 euros more than the access line.

Naturally, the technology and connectivity is very high in this model, highlighting in this last section the possibility of controlling the battery charge level, programming it at the best times and even starting the air conditioning from a smartphone or mobile device.

As for driving aids, the basic version Origin already has elements such as adaptive cruise control, fatigue detector and blind spot control, while the most equipped Zenith incluye the advanced system of city ​​braking assistance with front traffic detector.