Mayra Cardi counters criticism of ex-husband Arthur Aguiar after news of baptism

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Arthur Aguiar converted to the Gospel after controversies involving the separation of Mayra Cardi and the life coach left a special message for her ex-husband, amid rumors about the relationship. The singer was baptized in the waters of the spiritual retreat Estância Paraíso, located in Minas Gerais, according to the column by Leo Dias. The place was once responsible for initiating the spiritual experience of several artists such as Wesley Safadão. Sophia’s businesswoman and mother was also recently in the region to do a detox and reconnect with the sacred.

Arthur Aguiar’s conversion divides opinions on the web. Understand!

The news that Arthur Aguiar converted to the Gospel divided opinions on social networks. “Typical of the good man. Ready a lot and then just convert, everything is fine”, criticized one internet user and another said: “Yellow September for whom if we think we are not wrong”.

Mayra Cardi defends ex: ‘Believe in transformation’

Mayra Cardi, however, defended her ex-husband, Arthur Aguiar, in a comment on Instagram. “I will always believe in the transformation of the human being. If I stop believing [na transformação], I will have to change profession. I talk about transformation, forgiveness, making mistakes and being your best version every day on my networks and on my courses! “, Warned the life coach, who accepted the singer’s forgiveness.

Mayra Cardi explains reasons that led her to trust Arthur Aguiar

Mayra Cardi explained the reasons that led her to believe in the transformation of her ex-husband, Arthur Aguiar. “I am the first person to get up with every fall I take and turn the other cheek to beat in the hope of winning a kiss. Not because I am blind, but because I hope for a better tomorrow for all of us. If it were not so, I would be a great farce. So I shouldn’t propagate and work with people, but with furniture that does not require feelings, empathy, love, forgiveness and daily exercise for everyone to be better! “, warned the businesswoman.

Mayra Cardi remembers the web when she talks about her ex-husband: ‘Everyone is wrong’

Mayra Cardi reminded followers of the importance of judging and criticizing others’ lives less. “Everyone makes mistakes, some more and less. Wanting to change is the first step to the new one. It still doesn’t mean victory. Of course! But it means a new beginning. Now let time act, only he can answer for all of us”, he said.

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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